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Digital media for the 21st century

Forget-Me-Not Media (formerly Home Video Studio AK), has been transferring media to digital format for Alaskans in our Anchorage studio for over 10 years. Though our name has changed, we still have the same friendly owners, fast service, great prices and quality work as we did when we opened in 2012.

Contact Us

Text or call (907) 240-2739

1224 U St., Anchorage, AK 99501-4240

Our Services


We offer superior media digitization services as well as same-day and next-day service, depending upon the size of the order and our workload. Our standard file is a high-quality MP4 for video, high-quality MP3 for audio and JPG for images. Other formats are available upon request.

VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital 8, Mini-DV, Betacam, Betamax,

mini DVD and more.

Audio cassettes, micro cassettes, vinyl records and 1/4” reel-to-reel.

16mm, 8mm and Super 8 film*. Film cleaning and repair is included in the price. Enhancements (color correction, grain reduction) are available upon request (contact us for a quote). *If your film has sound, we are unable to transfer it with the sound at this time. We do, however, have a trusted, quality vendor in the Lower 48 who does such transfers, and will be more than happy to provide you with a quote and handle the logistics of the transfer.

We digitize printed photos, negatives and slides at high resolution. Cropping, color correction and digital enhancements are available upon request (contact us for a quote).

Many people who previously transferred their memories to DVD or CD now prefer the versatility of digital files on a thumb drive (easy to edit and/or upload to cloud storage and share).

We transfer files from SD card/memory card to USB, digital file link or DVD/CD.


We specialize in quick, high-quality video, CD and DVD duplication. We can even print a label on your DVD or provide you with a custom imprint design.

Pictures to video is one of our specialties! We'll transfer your photos and slides to DVD with music and titles to make a personalized photo montage. These are great for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, family reunions and memorials.

Whether it is for your personal photo montage, a memorial video or a company video, we specialize in video editing to turn your video footage into a masterpiece! We can add effects, titles, write and record a script or voice-over, do split screens, sound effects, and slow and fast motion — all at our local studio.

We can make enhancements like reducing background noise, etc., to your audio recordings.

We transfer videos from PAL, SECAM and NTSC formats.

We can extract a photo from any video or film frame.

We can repair most video tapes and audio cassettes. The service is included with the cost of the transfer when it is possible to re-utilize the old case after the repair, or $10 if a new case is needed. We can even often salvage moldy tapes (contact us for a quote).

We can digitally remove scratches or spots from a photo, enhance colors, etc. We can colorize black & white photos. Contact us for a quote (prices vary depending on the condition of the picture).

If you're unsure what format your tape or reel is, text or email us a picture and we will identify it for you.

Our Services



at 907-240-2739 or for
a quote/pricing/appointment. At this point you can choose how you'd like the completed order: USB thumb drive (bring your own or we can provide one -- prices vary depending on the size needed), digital download from a link that will be emailed to you, or a custom CD/DVD.



at our studio in downtown Anchorage (click HERE for directions). If you'd like to hand it over in person, please make an appointment. If not we have a secure drop-box outside the studio door where you can deposit your media. Please make sure to include your name and contact info, and put the items in a bag or box to keep them together.



via email or text with an invoice. At that point, please contact us to make an appointment to pick up your completed order and the original media. You can pay upon receipt of the invoice or when you pick up your order. We accept, cash, credit cards, checks, PayPal and Venmo.

How It Works (It's as Easy as 1, 2, 3)




  • VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, Hi8, Digital8, MiniDV tapes: $18.50/tape for tapes under 1 hour, $28.50/tape for tapes over 1 hour.

  • Other formats: Please contact us for a quote.



  • Audio cassettes/vinyl records: $19.50/cassette or record with no tracks. Add $15 if you want us to separate each music track into a separate file.

  • Other formats: Please contact us for a quote.


  • Silent 16mm, 8mm, Super 8 film: 30 cents/foot for standard-definition scan or 40 cents/foot for high-definition scan (recommended). We estimate how many feet of footage by looking at the diameter of the reel: 3” is about 50 feet of film, 5” is about 200 feet and 7” about 400 feet.

  • Other formats and enhancements: Please contact us for a quote.


  • Photos standard scan: 45 cents/photo (300 dpi JPG), or 55 cents/photo (600 dpi JPG).

  • 35-, 110-, 126- and 127mm slides standard scan: 65 cents/slide (2400 dpi JPG)

  • Negatives standard scan: 75 cents/frame (2400 dpi JPG). Includes turning negative into positive image.

  • Other formats and enhancements: Please contact us for a quote.

DVD/CD to digital file: $15 per disc.

MEMORY CARD TRANSFER: starting at $25.


5% discount for more than 20 tapes; 10% discount for more than 50 tapes (even mixed formats).

5% discount for more than 2,000 feet. 10% discount for more than 5,000 feet.

5% discount for more than 2,000 photos/slides/negatives. 10% discount for more than 5,000.

Volume discounts are available depending on the number of copies. Please contact us for details.


  • Prices refer to the transfer of the various media to a digital file.

  • There is no extra charge if you bring your own USB (thumb drive or external hard drive), or if you want us to provide a temporary (expires after 60 days) cloud link to your files.

  • A 2-hour video tape typically requires around 4GB of space for a high quality transfer. Upon request, we can compress the files for your convenience in uploading to a cloud storage service.

  • We can provide a thumb drive that fits the entire order transfer. Prices start at $14.95 (8GB)

  • If you would like a DVD or CD along with your digital files, the charge is $10 per disc. A DVD can fit 2 hours of video, and a CD 75 minutes of audio. Each tape will be put on a separate DVD/CD.

How It Works
alaskan owners

Ellie Brollo was born in Milan, Italy. She earned a business degree from Bocconi University and an MBA from London Business School. Her eclectic career in five different countries and three continents finally landed her in Anchorage where, in 2012, following her passion for video/photography and for preserving memories, she joined the Home Video Studio franchise and was professionally trained to set up a service business to digitize old formats of video, audio and photographic media.

During her time with Home Video Studio, Ellie received numerous awards, including the Home Video Studio Worldwide “Rising Star” award (2014), and Hanley Awards for Best Sports Video (2014), Best Documentary (2016) and Best Use Of Post-Production (2018). Examples of Ellie’s work can be seen on her YouTube channel, including the “The Nome-Golovin 200: Legacy of Champions”, a full-length documentary that she edited on the history of the oldest snowmachine race in Alaska.

After 10 years of successfully managing and growing the business, Ellie decided to leave the franchise and continue her mission to preserve memories for Alaskan people and companies with Forget-Me-Not Media, which she co-owns with her husband, Dave Singyke.

She has two daughters, one of whom is attending the College of William & Mary in Virginia, and one who is a student at West High School.

Dave Singyke moved to Alaska with his family as a child. He studied at the University of Alaska Anchorage where he pursued his interest and natural talent for writing and photography and graduated with a degree in journalism. Over the years he has worked as an associate editor for a chain of seven weekly rural Alaska newspapers, an administrator at Southcentral Foundation, a crewman on a commercial halibut boat, a housemover, and as the owner and sole employee of a graphic design business. Most recently, he joined his wife Ellie in the business of preserving memories, while still pursuing his amateur photography and writing interests. His short story Mother’s Hands was published in the Alaska Quarterly Review. He is currently rewriting a novel he wrote three decades ago and writing the occasional poem. He also likes to build things, like cabins, boats and furniture. Also, for whatever reason, Barack Obama follows him on Twitter.

About Us

About Us


"Very nice owner who understands how special our memories are. The transfers are excellent and as prompt as possible."
(Jim Kelly)


"I was working with Ellie on two occasions, one was transferring an old VHS video to mp4 and this service was fast and with a great quality. Another time a friend of mine needed to print 200 CDs of their music, which was also done fast, with printed graphics on CD and additional graphic editing as well. I don't know any other business in Anchorage able to do it at this level. Highly recommended!" (Peter Temnov)

"The team expertly turned 3,700 slides into 20GB on a thumb drive. Distribution of copies to family gives them a lifetime of memories." (L.B.)

"Wow!!!! She was incredible!!! Not only was she amazing at communicating the status of my order (which was about 14 home videos), she was extremely professional, kind, and trustworthy. I was going to send out our home videos through Walmart or Walgreens, but stumbled upon Ellie’s business instead and let me tell you! I am so happy I went through her over them. She handled my order with care with fantastic customer service skills. If I ever need anything transferred, or literally anything she offers, I’m 100% coming back. She went above and beyond! Thank you so much!" (07/15/2021 Anissa Bishop, Anchorage)

"Great service wonderful quality of copies to thumb drive — I strongly recommend this woman to everyone who needs copies made of VHS tapes. And quality personality too!" (07/02/2019 Joy Golden, Anchorage)

"I stumbled on this site while searching for some way to duplicate a collection of over 50 years of film and video. Ellie is just what I needed. She has been able to address technical problems and do so without a fuss. I have lots more work for her, and I will be a return customer." (02/16/2019  Tom Cresap, Eagle River)

"I was very pleased with Ellie's service. She was personable, friendly and punctual. But more importantly, she is extremely skilled at her profession and gave me an end product that was exactly what I wanted and expected. She took the time to explain the charges and the process involved when we first met. There were no surprises and the process went just as she said it would. It was money well spent. I highly recommend Ellie for all of your video/DVD, etc. needs. Thanks Ellie!" (07/13/2018 Ann Fisher, Wasilla)

"While visiting my dad recently, I found some old VHS home video tapes. In an effort to preserve them, I used the services in Anchorage to transfer the content from the VHS tapes to both DVD and flash drive. This allowed me to upload my videos to my cloud storage and to share with family and friends. The turnaround was extremely fast and emailed invoices allowed for ease of making payments. I am so pleased with the results and am now confident these treasures are preserved forever. Thank you!" (07/05/2018 Nicholas Gonzalez, Eagle River)

"Wonderful to have two old VHS tapes of piano recitals converted to DVD (and saved on a USB drive). I hadn't remembered there were videos until I started cleaning out things. I watched them when I got home and was so glad to have them. I'll be bringing more old VHS tapes in for conversion during trips to Anchorage. I dropped them off and they were ready the same day, although I couldn't pick them up until the next day. Thank you!" (05/06/2018  Lisa Haggblom, Dillingham)


"Ellie I just want to say that I appreciate your good work. The 8mm that you transferred for me are very special to my family. I am having so much fun sharing them. I will be bringing my old family VHS next. Thank you again." (11/08/2017 Deborah Vaughan, Talkeetna)

"Ellie is a true professional — meticulous, careful and thoughtful in how she handles your memories. She is incredibly easy to work with, her pricing is reasonable, and I really appreciate how she went above and beyond to make sure the only voice recording I have of my mom (she passed when I was very young) was as high-quality as possible. She worked through some distortions to clean the recording up and thanks to her, I am able to share my mom's clear voice with her grandchildren. Thank you, Ellie!!" (09/27/2017 Annie Reeves, Anchorage)
"Very fast turnaround time, much quicker than expected! Excellent communication and updates from Ellie, and pricing was very reasonable. I had my grandfather's VHS tape recordings transferred to a couple DVDs, and she was able to set up the DVDs exactly like I wanted them and put the titles on them too! Highly recommend for any video transfer or editing needs! Now I'm able to enjoy my late grandfather's videos and get rid of the ancient VCR. Thanks again Ellie!!"
(07/10/2017 James, Anchorage)

"Ellie, I just wanted to give you a big THANK YOU. During the wedding not all the guests had signed the guestbook, but because you were so thoughtful enough to take video close up of every guest table, even though the photographer didn’t get shots of all the guests in attendance, I still know who send thank you cards to! You truly have talent in filming and I will be in touch in a couple years when I need you for my son's graduation!! You are the best!" (06/28/2017 Chanelle Garcia, Anchorage)

"What can I say about such a wonderful woman like Ellie. I'm truly THANKFUL to have met such a kind and loving person who was able to do so much for me and my family during a difficult time. Your expertise in making my father's memories last a lifetime goes beyond. No words can express our gratitude for you've done in such a timely manner. You are now our GO TO...for any of our video services. THANK YOU ELLIE!!!" (06/28/2017 Napua Vaiaga'e, Anchorage)

"Yes I have been telling people about you and your wonderfull service! You Rock ! I'm happy that there is somebody who can convert any video locally and at a reasonable price." (05/08/2017 Gustavo, Anchorage)
"I had Super 8 films from 47 years ago I didn't have a projector to view and I started a search to find someone to transfer them to something more viewable. Ellie was recommended and the service was exceptional and the price, very reasonable. Also had mini VHS tapes transferred to DVD as well. Came through with a quick turn around in time to share with other family members at Christmas time. Much appreciated for the personal attention she shared with me when discussing the people in those films."
(12/27/2016 Gary Moss, Anchorage)

"The service provided was excellent. Friendly, quick and efficient. I will definitely use this business again in the future." (12/23/2016 Diana, Anchorage)

"EXCELLENT Customer Service! Ellie was easy to work with, accommodating and willing to tailor the products to my personal preferences. Highly recommend this service — you will walk away happy and satisfied." (12/03/2016 Barb, Anchorage)

"We had DVDs made of family memories — very good job and quickly processed. Definitely would recommend this organization!" (11/19/2016 Mark Plunkett, Eagle River)

"I got swift and effective service for my damaged home video tape. What's more, the contents of the tape remained perfectly preserved and I got the file emailed to me very soon after it was transferred. The tape contained rare photos of my grandparents that my family was very happy to receive. Thank you!" (11/01/2016 Danny P., Juneau)

"I contacted Elisabetta for her assistance with a photo montage 'thank you' for my sister. Her vast knowledge and expertise resulted in a superior presentation. Her outstanding skill and ability enhanced the quality of the product. She possesses an innate ability to transfer profound feeling in her work. She honors family bonds and presented me with a sincerely respectful and loving creation. She is willing to exhaust all avenues and resources to provide a perfect result. Elisabetta is professional, amazing and magical." (09/21/2016 Peggy Gilbert, Anchorage)

"Ellie managed to convert 45-year-old Super 8 videos — 27 of them — to digital. She did a fantastic job of working some of the dark videos to normal light. I also had two 25 year old VHS tapes of my son's ski jumping championships converted DVD. Ellie gave me all those memories back in beautiful digital copies." (09/19/2016 Louise Osborn, Anchorage)

"I've been given a sentimental assignment, to create a children's book from a very old cassette tape and then illustrate the text. The tape contains an original story being read by a long-time friend. When she died several months ago, her husband wanted to realize her dream — for her to publish a children's book. The tape was so old, I was worried it might be inaudible. Ellie created a clear CD from the tape. And the CD was ready in a day! I am very grateful for this fine service!" (08/08/2016 Dianne Barske from Anchorage)

"Ellie was able to resurrect and copy for permanent storage onto DVD a 27-year-old VCR tape that was badly deteriorated, and which another local video studio had been unable to view or to copy. Many thanks for saving the video memories of our son, when he was only one month old, back in 1989, and thus, preserving for us a real family treasure." (03/25/2016 Steve Paliwoda, Anchorage, AK)

"Great Service! Thank you so much … I will treasure the special DVDs you made for my family. I appreciate you and your work and will always recommend you! Thank you!" (03/15/2016 Laurie, Anchorage)

"Ellie has helped me for over a year now creating DVDs for us and the performers at our house concerts. She has helped me with 'my' part and, by now, we are quite efficient. Her prices are more than reasonable, and I've been MOST pleased with the work she has done for us. Give yourself a break — call her and let her take care of this part of your life." (03/15/2016 Dana Anderson, Anchorage)

"After almost 20 years of accumulating videos, cassette recordings and DVDs I needed help. I called in the middle of the Christmas Holiday season and asked if they could convert these to DVDs and put on a hard drive before Christmas. I brought them 5 file boxes full of recordings. They not only said yes, they preformed beyond what I expected. It was done timely, quality work and organized. I would recommend this business to any one from just a few conversions to boxes." (01/06/2016 Mark Begich, Anchorage)

"Needed something transferred for a Christmas present that was really important to my friend. The service I received was unmatched, a very professional and friendly business I will definitely be back to. My CD was done well before expected and I genuinely felt my business was appreciated. Thanks for everything." (12/18/2015 Nate Brown, Anchorage)

"Decided it was time to get rid of my VHS player. But I had an old tape my dad sent me that he had converted from my brother's old 8 mm tapes of the family back in the 1960s. I wanted it put on a DVD, but I also wanted to edit it. So Ellie suggested I have it put on a thumb drive first. This phase she completed quickly and efficiently for me. I really appreciated the fact that I did not have to mail the tape out of town. Ellie is a wonderful and knowledgeable resource. As I go through the editing phase, I plan to use her as needed. And I have a couple more tapes that I'd like to convert. I will definitely be taking them to her!" (12/07/2015 Bonnie Hepburn, Anchorage)

"This business was a great find for us! They repaired and then transferred old, but sentimental media I had so that we could better store and still view it. They were timely, and the product came out great. I have three other projects I plan on placing in the mail to them today!" (10/13/2015 Shannon Bodolay, Palmer)

"Thank you so much for the excellent work you have done for me. Your work was fast, more than professional and last but not least it was very enjoyable to work with you. I will certainly use your services for all my future productions. I know the projects I bring to you are very fiddly, complicated and I could not believe with how much know-how and ease you completed the work. Highly, highly, highly recommend!!!!!" (10/05/2015 Salila Kubitza of Krambambuli Puppet Theatre, Anchorage, AK)

"Great service at a very reasonable price. I will be a repeat customer. Thank you very much." (09/25/2015 Jim W., Anchorage)

"I needed to transfer my old VHS and 8mm home videos to DVD. Ellie was very professional and the quality of the transfer was excellent. Ellie gave me an extra discount for being military as well. Thanks Ellie." (09/11/2015 Dennis Hernandez, Anchorage)

"We really like the nice video you put together. Thanks for your help. If I don't succeed in putting the rest of the videos on a DVD, I'm sure I'll be calling you." (09/03/2015 Fia, Anchorage)

"This is a great service. I needed to transfer video images from older DVR tapes and a DVD in order to edit on my Apple. Solid information was provided beforehand and the job was completed as promised. Highly recommend." (08/18/2015 Tony Martin, Talkeetna)

"I needed some CD labels to be printed, prior to a full release of my latest album. Ellie was very helpful and kind and even managed to squeeze me in the same day. I am sure I am going to use her services more in the future. Great to you have you around Ellie!" (06/10/2015 Christel Veraart, Anchorage)

"Very Professional and quick to help create memories! Love Ellie! I would go to her in the future for more help!!!" (06/09/2015 Jeanne Feinstein, Eagle River)

"I had created an Alaska Visit memory DVD in 2005 and since then, one of the people in the DVD passed away. Her daughter wanted a copy of the DVD. So I contacted Ellie to professionally duplicate my DVD. Thanks so much AND thanks for the great conversation." (06/09/2015 Wanda Dale, Anchorage)

"Ellie has been helping me get my home VHS movies to DVD. She is helpful and prompt, plus she is just really fun to work with! I tell everyone about her!" (05/14/2015 Melissa, Anchorage)

"Thank you Ellie for doing such an excellent job of saving my old family films. Now my children and grandchildren will get a glimpse of Alaskan bush life in the 50s." (05/10/2015 Alan Andersen, Sitka)

"Thanks for helping put together our old home movies on DVD. We just spent several hours watching through and I'm SO glad I finally get to watch them all. Tons of footage we didn't even remember taking and some precious shots of my husband's parents that unexpectedly passed away a long time ago. So cool! :)" (04/17/2015 Samantha Gawrys, Anchorage)

"I found Ellie a few years ago when I needed all my super 8s made into DVDs. I was so impressed that I ordered 4 more sets to give as Christmas presents. They were a huge hit! Now I've given her all of my husband's slides so we can keep them on the computer, and Ellie is making them into a slide show for the TV! Highly, highly recommended!" (03/31/2015 Roxann Kopischke, Eagle River)

"I want to Thank Ellie for the fast service! We dropped off a family video to be transferred on a Friday, and we got a call later that night to pick up. I am very happy with Ellie , she was very attentive to our needs. I will be heading back there for her to do another video!! Anyone that needs help with any video needs you will be very, very satisfied." (03/03/2015 Rhonda Chenoweth, Anchorage)

"Thanks so much Ellie for fixing our wedding video and converting it to DVD. We had tried to watch it on our 30th anniversary and discovered the VHS tape was broken. Many thanks for saving our special video and doing it so quickly … thanks again." (02/28/2015 Penny Hattenburg, Anchorage)

"Going local when it comes to your precious home videos and childhood memories is essential. Your 'only copy' tapes won't be sent anywhere and there is no risk of getting lost or destroyed. Professionalism, high quality results and personal approach that Ellie demonstrated in helping me transfer my old VHS tapes to DVDs speak volumes. I had a more challenging situation with PAL European records and it didn't matter. Ellie handled it with ease and experience. Thank you very much, I'll be coming back for more!" (02/17/2015 Elena, Anchorage)

"A BIG thank you to Ellie for putting together my daughter's audition videos. We were up against a hard deadline to send out her ballet audition videos and Ellie came to the rescue. She edited her numerous clips together and produced awesome videos. I can't thank you enough." (02/12/2015 Annette, Anchorage)

"Thank you so much Ellie, for your extremely speedy, professional and excellent quality you provided to us for our 'interstate' project! It's so satisfying to find a business who cares about each customer!" (01/19/2015 Cheryl Chapman, Fullerton, CA)

"Many thanks for the great job you did in copying my VHS vacation videos from the 1980s on to the current DVDs that I have now! I'm so grateful we found you! I also have very old 8mm movies that we had Ellie copy on to DVDs and again I'm pleased with the results." (01/18/2015 Janet Elson, Anchorage)

"My wife returned from her father's funeral with some old VHS tapes from his estate. She had promised friends and family that she would get copies made, but I found that the tapes were barely playable. I took the tapes to Ellie, and within a few days had professionally packaged DVD's to share. I'm very pleased with the results, and found the price to be quite reasonable. I expect to be a return customer!" (12/22/2014 Bob Scoggin, Anchorage)

"Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service! I am very pleased with the quality of our wedding video that you transferred onto a DVD for us! It looks awesome. And your quick turn-around time was impressive." (12/02/2014 Marchelle)

"Ellie was extremely friendly, professional and timely! We were faced with a unique international memorial that was taking place in several countries and she was able to meet a very tight deadline and came up with some great suggestions for the memorial so it could be done in video style and shared/viewed by many. The family was extremely pleased and I feel it represented my childhood friend perfectly. We couldn't be more grateful!" (11/17/2014 Ava Anderson, Anchorage)

"I definitely recommend Ellie's work! She was friendly and helpful, mailed our finished product back to us in good time, and delivered a quality product, even though the VHS video tapes we gave her had been recorded from digital tapes. I am going to give her name to my brother-in-law who also has some family treasures on video that need to be on DVD. Thanks, Ellie!" (11/01/2014 LaRissa Silva, Soldotna)

"Ellie was wonderful! I had a home video on a thumb drive that I wanted on DVD. After dropping it off around 10 a.m. it was finished my 4! I couldn't believe how quickly it was! I would definitely recommend her services!" (09/15/2014 Megan, Anchorage)

"My mother has 8mm home movies that she wanted converted to DVDs. Ellie was able to do the conversion, add Mom's narration for the silent movies, and add a soundtrack of my piano songs. The finished video recordings of our family history will be passed on and treasured for generations. Thank you, Ellie, for your video expertise and attention to detail!" (09/15/2014 Diane from Anchorage)

"I needed a VHS transferred to DVD. Thank you Ellie. Service was exceptional!" (09/03/2014 Janet Moore, Anchorage, AK)

"The timing is great, the customer service is outstanding! Doing business has never been easier. Thank you for helping us with our precious family memories!" (08/25/2014 Stacy)

"My DVDs were complete almost overnight! Great product and wonderful customer service. Thanks Ellie!!" (07/14/2014 Colette, Anchorage)

"Fast, professional, affordable, and super friendly! I have already recommended a few friends, and will certainly return to have more home movies put on DVD. Thank you!" (05/15/2014 Faith Kelly, Anchorage)

"Transferring my Hi-8 videos was very quick and reasonably priced. I'm very pleased with the results and have more that I will be bringing to you. Thanks!" (05/02/2014 John Pribbneow, Anchorage)

"Ellie made the process of transferring my Hi 8 to DVD so easy. They were very nice and efficient! They are the best!" (04/29/2014 Elisa Fleener, Anchorage)

"I brought some of our VHS tapes to have Elisabetta transfer to DVDs. Most of them are 20+ years old. She did a great job. Its invaluable to have the memories of babies and young children on a format we can actually watch again! Thank you so much for preserving the memories!!" (04/21/2014 Debbie, Cordova)

"I waited for years to find the right person and place to have our family movies collected and converted to something more permanent. Ellie made it so easy and quick! With our family memories in someone else’s hands it becomes a matter of trust and Ellie made quite an impression with her initial presentation and completed product. They are awesome and will continue giving her our business. Thank you Ellie!" (03/14/2014 Buz, Upper Spenard)

"Excellent job. I really wanted a blow up of the best photo I had of my late husband. It was a tiny photo on a card he carried with him all the time. Great job, fast and I couldn't be happier. Thanks again." (03/07/2014 Cherime, Wasilla)

"Would recommend doing business with her to quickly work with someone who knows her stuff. Thank you from an old dancer who needed DVD created and had difficulty transferring from camcorder to DVD, so now we know who can solve our problems so we may send DVD to granddaughters in Oregon. Loved doing business with you, it was a very pleasant experience dealing with video services. You will be seeing us again in the future. Thanks." (01/29/2014 Bobbie Stanley, Anchorage)

"Thank you for your great work, the quality of the DVDs is high and I am very pleased with the outcome. I will use your services again in the future and I will be happy to recommend your business to my patients and friends. Thanks again." (01/27/2014 Dr. E.E. Waldroup, Palmer)

"Ellie did a great job in transferring our home videos to DVD. The quality and prompt turn-around time was great. I will definitely have her do more work for me in the future." (01/27/2014 Lisa Klessens, Eagle River)

"Hi Ellie, I continue to hear from family and friends what a nice job you did in creating Steve's memorial photo CD. I gave the copies to family members and they were able to show it to people who had not been able to attend the service. I know it meant a lot to many people. Thanks again for your hard work in what was a really beautiful part of the services in Anchorage and Olympia." (01/16/2014 Jenny Hinrichs, Anchorage)

"Hi Ellie, Just wanted to let you know that we were very pleased with the DVDs that you produced for us. It's one thing to have a bunch of video clips hanging around on the computer or cellphone compared to a compiled disc with all your memories stored together in an additional place that can be shared very easily and that's what you did for us. Thank you so much for that! We watched them the night that we got them from you and we were so amazed by the quality of what we thought were going to be some lesser quality cellphone clips from years ago. To our excitement they looked great and even looked enhanced! We can now send our son's first home videos and other family memories to others because of you. The very reasonable prices allowed us to get multiple duplicates as well to send home to our parents to enjoy. Thank you again Ellie and we would most definitely recommend any of your services to anyone in need. We will also be needing a family portrait done and I cannot think of anyone I'd rather have do it! Take care." (01/05/2014 Dean Atwa, Anchorage)

"Hi Ellie, I wanted to let you know I'm very happy with how everything turned out and have watched the discs over and over again. My mum got hers this morning in Michigan and watched the Keepsake discs and she's beyond words …. My younger brother just picked her up to take her to his place to watch the rest with his family. Tomorrow she's taking the set to the yearly Woodbury New Year's Eve get together where 50+ relatives are waiting to watch them. BTW, Mom says she gave up on the tissue and went for the paper towels to dry her eyes through the slide show…." (12/31/2013 Chris Woodbury, Anchorage)

"5 stars!! I took many of our old home VHS memory tapes to Ellie to transfer and make DVDs as a surprise for my family at Christmas. I can't tell you how excited I was to watch these DVDs! The quality was excellent, the DVDs were all labeled and in order by year, and placed in a family memory case. There were moments we had taped that I'd forgotten about, and people who have since passed that make these so special. Our memories are now preserved and Ellie was a delight. I felt like we were friends from the moment we met. I strongly recommend her work. She finished within a week!" (12/19/2013 Keri Barter, Anchorage)

"Thanks Ellie, great job on turning what I thought was a broken VHS tape from 1982 into a DVD that my son enjoyed seeing for the first time! The tape was on a shelf in the back of my closet and I thought he would never ever be able to see the clips of himself at 2 months old. When you called me the very same day I dropped the tape off and told me it was complete you made me very happy, but imagine the look on his face as he sat holding his own 2 month old daughter, on his 31st birthday watching that DVD! Thank you so much! I'll be seeing you soon with a whole box full of memories!" (11/14/2013 Denise Peppers from Anchorage)

"I needed a VHS made to DVD. Ellie did it, just dropped off the tape. Then took a Beta version, still, just a drop off and text when it was done. THEN I took an old 16mm movie reel to her. Wow! It's now a great DVD too! All tapes and movie returned, all DVDs made. Easy as pie for me, and that's what I wanted. Super service!!! Easy price!!! In talking with Ellie I found out they make movies for families, etc. I guess it's time for a Christmas video card! Why not?" (11/01/2013 Joseph Davis, Anchorage)

"Thank you so much for all your work. I went home right away to watch the DVDs you made for me. I have to say even the 8mm movies with no volume are great with the special touch of music you added. I know it had to a lot of work transfer my old German movies and video tapes into something so great. I now can watch my family memories again and my children will enjoy them too. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart." (10/04/2013 Connie Caswell, Anchorage)

"Elisabetta: Thank you so much for the excellent job you did converting my Hi8 videos to DVDs. Even though many of the tapes were nearly 20 years old, the quality of the conversion was excellent. It's nice having the DVDs, where after converting the code to whatever format I want, I can put the DVDs in my safety deposit box to preserve those precious memories for my wife and I, my children and grandchildren. Thanks so much and I will definitely recommend your services to anyone I speak with that would like to convert their memories to a digital format." (08/21/2013 Thomas G. Hipsher, Anchorage)

"I actually wished I had more videos to transfer, as the experience and personal interaction was quite enjoyable. Oh, the actual work was great and was provided in multiple storage sizes that allowed me to even add one to YouTube. Thanks again." (08/09/2013 Bill, Anchorage)

"My experience was absolutely great in working with Elisabetta. I would highly recommend her services. Great turnaround time and fantastic customer service. Keep up the good work, Ellie!" (06/10/2013 Stacy, Anchorage)

"I had a hard time finding someone in town to have my Hi8 transferred to a DVD. I didn't want to send my video to an unknown state and have a stranger be able to do whatever with it, and risk it getting lost in the mail! Ellie did an amazing job and was very prompt and kind. I will be returning for digitals and other Hi8 videos I've accumulated. My wedding video was perfect and just in time for my anniversary! Thank you Ellie! I look forward to seeing you again!" (05/07/2013 Becca Bourque, Anchorage)

"Ellie, I wanted to thank you for the work you did for me. I had you digitize several reels of 16mm film. The work was finished quickly, and under budget. Thanks again for the professional work, and I will have more for you to do!" (05/06/2013 Steve Willis, Wasilla)

"My dad and his friends built a hunting cabin in rural Alaska using the lumber from the property. He documented the progress they made on his iPad each day — it was an amazing project. My dad wanted to create a DVD to share with everyone, but we weren't sure how to do it. I took the video to Ellie and now we have multiple professional, high-quality DVDs for the family. It was easy and inexpensive!" (03/15/2013  Tanya Odden, Anchorage)


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